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Intensive Driving Courses Wales get asked this question a lot, Is it a "Guaranteed Pass"

The answer is NO Instructor or Driving School can Guarantee a driving test pass even if they say they can. This is a fact.

We do not offer them and we don't promote instructors or schools that publish this claim on their websites.

Over the last few years there has been a rise in driving schools promoting potentially misleading media and marketing on their driving schools websites with slogans like "Driving Course Guaranteed Pass" or "Driving Test Guaranteed Pass" other variants of this type of phrase are about. A lot of these websites / driving schools have a ton of terms and conditions that you need to sift through to finally find out that they cant actually guarantee a pass!

What exactly is being guaranteed then?

The one thing you can "guarantee" is that the price you pay for this advertised course is going to be extremely inflated!
The reason why the prices are a lot higher than normal driving courses is not to guarantee a driving test pass but its to cover the extra driving tuition and test fee to cover you if you were to fail your driving test. If you were to fail your driving test then you can not take it again for a minimum of 10 working days regardless of who you booked the course with. These are the rules set by the DVSA.

These are some of the things you can expect to see from driving schools that offer these "Guaranteed Pass" Courses
  • They Cannot Guarantee A Driving Test Pass
  • The Prices will be much more expensive than usual.
  • Lots of Terms and Conditions that make it very difficult to adhere to.
  • Time scale limits on courses
  • Paying for extra lessons / tests
  • Extra lessons will be given "subject to availability"

How are these courses being sold?

Nobody likes to fail at anything especially if your counting on your driving licence to go to university or for a job opportunity. These companies are using your own fear and self doubt against you to get a sale. There are a lot of good instructors out there but the only thing they cant guarantee you is a pass. Do some research and find a quality driving school it could save you a lot of money.

What about guaranteed driving test dates?

This is one of our pet hates at intensive driving courses wales, there are so many companies promising guaranteed driving test dates before the pupil has even passed their theory test. In order to book a driving test the theory test needs to be passed first! We see companies advertising daily that they can get people through their theory and driving test in one week! As a very experienced intensive driving school we know that this is almost impossible and these schools end up having a back log of pupils waiting to take their driving tests. It is always best to get the theory test passed first then plan your intensive course.

How should I go about booking an intensive driving course?

Our advice would be:
  • Plan in advance if possible. Ask yourself, over what length of time do I want to learn to drive – 1 week, 2 weeks, or more?
  • Try and get your theory test passed early – before your planned time for your intensive driving course – perhaps a college holiday or planned leave? You can book your theory test here.
  • Intensive Driving Courses Wales will check driving test dates that are available and arrange the course that suits you best, we will always have a driving test for the end of the course unless otherwise agreed with the pupil.
  • Book an intensive driving course with Intensive Driving Courses Wales

Driving Schools That Have A Calendar For you To Check Course Availability (PLEASE BEWARE)

The calendar on their website is purely for Instructor availability not DRIVING TEST AVAILABILITY NO DRIVING SCHOOL WEBSITE CAN LINK TO THE DVSA BOOKING SITE TO CHECK DRIVING TEST DATES, THIS HAS TO BE DONE BY PERSON MANUALLY so always make sure you have a driving test date available or secure one before paying deposit. The best way to ensure this is to check dates yourself or speak to a member of the driving school and confirm the dates you require are available.

We have had many pupils that have come to us over the last few years that have fallen foul of this process. We normally hear that potential pupils have been on a website and have chosen the desired dates showing available for driving courses and test only to be called up later by the driving school to say that those test dates are not available. As the deposit is non refundable on these sites the pupil is forced to either take the undesired booking times or be forced to lose the deposit for the course normally hundreds of pounds!

Summary for "Guaranteed Driving Test Pass"

  1. They do not exist
  2. Always do your research on the driving school
  3. Read the terms and conditions and make sure you understand them before paying any money over as most deposits are non refundable.
  4. Don't believe everything you read because they have a fancy website.
  5. If you are booking an intensive driving course with a test at the end always make sure the test date is booked or available either by the driving school or by yourself before committing to the booking. We will always do this before taking a deposit unless agreed by the pupil first.
  6. Ask Questions, this is what we are here for, driving schools that shy away from your questions should be avoided.
  7. And most of all anything that sounds too good to be true probably is!

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